Community Grants

Lots of different people stand together as a community

Marcham Community Café Ltd – better known as Thirsty Café – exists to benefit the local community. One way we aim to do this is to distribute profits back to the Marcham community as grants. Each 1st July, we will publish details of the grants available. We hope to make a number of grants each year but will have a limited pot of money available to distribute before each 31st March. Apply early to maximise your chances of receiving funds.

As of 1st July 2022, we are delighted to announce that the committee will consider grant applications of up to £300. These can be applied for by any organisation or individual so long as the money is being used to benefit the community in Marcham or the surrounding district.

Applicants need to fill in a form which can be found here. Full details of the grant making policy are available on request.