Booking now open for the Millets 5k 2024

We’ve an exciting new scheme to announce!

It’s called, Cup of Love.

A Cup of Love is for the days that we have a little extra and can bless someone else by paying it forward.

It’s for the days that we could do with a little extra.

How do I contribute to a Cup of Love?

At our till, you can buy a voucher for a cake, drink or butty. You pay as normal, letting our volunteers know that it’s for Cup of Love. Our volunteers will then add the voucher to the notice board for someone else to use.

How do I redeem a Cup of Love voucher?

Choose one or two (maximum) of the vouchers that you fancy. Remove from the notice board, order at the till as usual and pay using the vouchers.

It’s as simple as that! Our community have it covered.

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